Current Legislation

Below is a list of current New York State legislation either supported or opposed by the Downstate Coalition. Click on the bill number for more information.  Stay tuned for updates as we gear up for the 2018 Legislative session.

Know of a bill that Downstate should support or oppose?
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A2862-A Child Victims Act

Revises civil actions for certain sexual crimes committed against a person who is less than eighteen years of age.

S2291A-2015 Nicholas's Law

Provides regulations for safe storage of firearms in order to prevent injury and death, particularly of children, by unintentional access, discharge and use of weapons.

A4314C-2013/S3337C-2013 DV Justice Act

Allows judges to take histories of domestic violence into account during the sentencing process.


A2553/S4542 Public community forum for new supportive housing/social service programs

Would require a public hearing to be conducted to approve location of a supportive housing facility or social service organization.